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Here at the Capital Region Language Center, we have found success utilizing the well-known education goals referred to as the five C’s of language learning. This approach helps our students – whether adult or child – quickly pick up language skills. With the five C’s, we are preparing our students to not only learn the language but to apply the language to their everyday lives.

Here are the five C’s explained:

1. Communication:

Communication refers to the ability to communicate in more than one language. We do this in our classes by practicing conversations, exchanging opinions and thoughts, and showing emotions. Students are also able to read and understand the written language as well. They can present the information they are learning to listeners.

2. Culture:

Culture refers to gaining knowledge of other cultures. Students will be able to understand the practices and perspectives of the culture they are learning. Students are better able to understand other people’s points of view and way of life.

3. Connections:

Connections are all about connecting the language they are learning to other subject areas as well as acquiring additional information. Students further their knowledge of other disciplines through the language they are learning. Students also gain information that is only available through the language they are learning.

4. Comparisons:

Comparisons refers to comparing the language being studied to their own language. Students may discover patterns, similarities and differences within the language they are learning and their own as well as their cultures.

5. Communities:

Communities refers to the ability to use this new language to communicate in their communities and around the world. Students do this by using the new language in the classroom and beyond it, too. We hope you see how the 5 C’s of language learning is a useful goal for helping students quickly incorporate new language skills into their everyday lives.