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Business Language Services & Solutions

classes – workshops – one-to-one – custom programs

Improved Communication Leads to Business Success

Improving language proficiency, avoiding miscommunication, and providing a comfortable and safe work environment contribute to increased productivity and efficiency, greater teamwork, opportunities for promotion, and employee retention. Capital Region Language Center has the experience and expertise to help your business achieve these critical goals.

“AMRI’s relationship with the Capital Region Language Center has been great for our company and our employees. A significant number of employees have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to improve their communication skills and develop more of a U.S. Accent.”
-Brian Russell, Vice President of Human Resources, AMRI

International Business Services

Capital Region Language Center understands that as businesses expand internationally, effective and accurate communication is vital for success. In addition to language training and instruction, we also provide translations of written documents, interpretation services and act as “ambassadors” for visitors from abroad.

We have worked closely with many corporations that have broadened their global operations both overseas and close to home. Our experience covers a range of services to improve communication with international employees who have moved to the United States, better understand international employees located abroad, and increase English-speaking employees’ fluency and cultural awareness.

Language assistance and training should be included in any diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) plan. Capital Region Language Center can help you achieve this important goal, leading to better retention, more focused employees and a greater sense of employee self-confidence when it comes to “being heard” and recognized. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of non-native English speakers improve their English in one-on-one and small group classes.

“The success of the training project with your amazing support is evidence of the level of quality you expect out of yourself and of out of your employees. It is also evidence of the level of satisfaction you obtain out of your customers on a regular basis.”
-Joseph A. May, Electrical Supervisor, Ball Corporation

Business Communication Services

Improving workplace communication at all levels leads to greater business and organizational success. Capital Region Language Center offers workshops and training focused on enhancing English-speaking employees’ business skill sets and increasing their ability to interact with a diverse community effectively.

We offer workforce development programs designed to meet your needs and budget and allow your business to stay competitive in the global marketplace. Our instructors provide training in essential communications such as professional phone skills, effective emailing, grammar refreshers, public speaking, writing mechanics, and more.

We also assist businesses and agencies seeking to improve communication with their specific constituencies. We have taught Spanish classes for healthcare providers, educators, and heritage speakers. We have taught French and Korean for companies with their headquarters abroad and Chinese and Arabic to employees who work for global companies. Our American Sign Language (ASL) workshops can be tailored for educators, healthcare workers, or anyone with the goal of communicating more effectively with a deaf employee.

We specialize in tailoring our language services to meet your specific needs by offering one-to-one -instruction, workshops, group classes, online learning, and special projects.

“At PUBG MadGlory one of our most exciting career opportunities, and our biggest challenge, was joining Krafton Game Union, a South Korean-based video game company who created the smash hit game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Working with Capital Region Learning Center and their amazing language teachers, both in-person and virtually, gave our team exposure to Korean language, culture, and business etiquette which proved invaluable. Not only did it help us communicate more effectively and be more culturally sensitive with our international offices and fellow teammates, but it was also an incredibly fun and positive team building experience for all involved.”
-Clarke Foley, Director of Operations, PUBG MadGlory


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