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Multiple Options & Flexible Learning Styles for Children & Adults

individual – small group – online


Lifetime Benefits

It’s true. Learning a new language has multiple benefits that can last a lifetime. From sharpening cognitive skills and expanding communication opportunities to career advancement and enhanced travel experiences, research has shown that learning world languages is an effective tool and a valuable gift.

Enrich your life and broaden your cultural horizons through language!

Tailored To Your Needs

Capital Region Learning Center will work with you to provide the exact language-learning experience you are seeking. We offer a broad variety of world languages taught by native and near-native speakers. Our services include individually tailored one-to-one, small group and online sessions. New classes start all the time and meet a minimum of once a week for a total of 20 hours per session.

Make Capital Region Language Center your language-learning resource.


Our clients learn new languages to reconnect with their roots, communicate better with their spouses’ family, add to their resume, prepare to travel internationally and keep their brains active and engaged. What’s your motivation?

If you are not a beginner, and are curious about your level of proficiency, we can schedule a placement level assessment.

We are happy to schedule individual sessions that work with your busy lifestyle.

“Your program has afforded me a good foundation to continue learning on my own and has vastly improved my ability to communicate with my deaf brother and also with my deaf patients. My education has extended beyond the grammar and vocabulary of ASL to include better insight into the deaf culture and community.”
-Dr. Ron Musto


Giving your child the opportunity to learn another language is a gift that will last a lifetime. Research has shown that teaching world languages to young children is the optimum time for learning and acquiring natural accents. Exposure to additional languages at a young age fosters increased cultural understanding, acceptance, tolerance and curiosity.

Our instructors are enthusiastic and engaging and make language learning fun!

Not sure if you are ready? We offer a one-time trial class! Contact us today to find out more.

“Throughout her elementary and middle school years, your teachers helped our daughter develop a strong foundation and aptitude for Chinese; a foundation which she was able to build at Emma Willard School and now at the University of Rochester where she is enrolled in advanced Chinese language and culture classes. We are forever grateful for the teachers and resources of the Capital Region Language Center!”
-Kenneth and Loretta Ebert


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