Corporate Training

From nanotechnology to pharmaceuticals and engineers to professors, the Capital Region is becoming an increasingly diverse place for foreign nationals to work and live.  Brilliant in their fields, for many this is the first experience of full English immersion.  Having just enough English to get by or asking a more proficient employee to serve as an on-the-spot interpreter affects the productivity of everyone involved and could lead to your best international employees resigning out of frustration.

CRLC has a team of English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors that has been working at local corporations for several years.  Classes are tailored to the company’s and the employees’ needs and include elements of grammar training and small talk to refining pronunciation.  You’ll see immediate improvement in listening skills, relaying information from meetings and all-around clearer communication.

Importing and exporting to China, setting up shop in Brazil, having a parent company in France and working in communities with Spanish speakers are all reasons to embrace corporate training in another language.  Knowing just a few phrases and cultural courtesies in your client’s or host’s native language will help you bond in a way that others cannot.

CRLC is not offering translating or interpreting services at this time.

Capital Region Language Center is a NYS certified WBE (woman-owned business).


Excellent customer service, top-notch teaching, happy clients...

  • AMRI

    AMRI’s relationship with the Capital Region Language Center has been great for our company and our employees. A significant number of employees have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to improve their communication skills and develop more of a U.S. Accent. Our diversity is now that much more of an advantage and the relationship with CRLC is much more of a partnership than a vendor relationship. The instructors understand both the students’ and the business’ needs and work with our employees, and us, well.
    Brian Russell, Vice President of Human Resources

  • Eastwyck Village

    We were so pleased with the sign language class we signed up for.  It was a four week workshop, and the instructor was extremely kind and engaging!  Eastwyck Village is a community for retired people who are always trying new things and our residents were thrilled to learn a whole new way of communicating.  The Capital Region Language Center is a great place!! Kelly Hotaling, Community Manager

Did you have a rough time in middle or high school language class? Do you have a family member who speaks another language as his or her native tongue? Looking to increase your opportunities in the workplace or climb the corporate ladder? We’d love to hear your story!

Meet Our Staff

  • Gloria Batista

    Instructor Gloria Batista grew up in a Spanish-speaking household and has been with Capital Region Language Center almost since its beginning.

  • JH Cho

    JH Cho came from South Korea with her family in 2013. She loves to learn and to teach. She began teaching Korean with CRLC in 2015.

  • Paige Fuller

    Paige Fuller teaches American Sign Language. Paige joined CRLC in 2018.

  • Rita Hausman

    Rita Hausman

    Rita Hausman is an English as a Second Language and Latin instructor at Capital Region Language Center.