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Lydia studied German with our instructor Evelin in 2020. She is now about to premiere a play that she wrote titled Adele in Berlin. The play tells the story of her father’s biological mother who was captured in 1945 by the Red Army and eventually made her way back to her home city of Berlin. Adele in Berlin will be showing at the Rochester Fringe Festival this month.
If you will be in Rochester on Sunday September 17th or Saturday September 23rd, please go see the show!
Here is a link to an interview with Lydia about the process of creating the play:
Evelin shared with us about her time working with Lydia:
“During our lessons, I had the pleasure of witnessing Lydia’s remarkable passion for both language and culture. What truly warmed my heart was her deep-rooted fascination for her family’s history in Germany and her unyielding commitment to mastering the German language. Seeing how her dedication to learning German during the pandemic has now ignited her creative spark in the form of “ADELE IN BERLIN” is a source of genuine joy for me. I couldn’t be more thrilled to witness her journey from language learner to the creator of this impressive production.”
Evelin offers virtual German lessons at CRLC for both children and adults. Whatever your reason for studying the German language, we would love to help you along your language journey!
Contact us via phone (518-729-5407) or email (info@crlcalbany.org) to tell us about your language learning goals.

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