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CRLC November Newsletter

We are full of gratitude for the CRLC language learning community. Through 20 years of language programs, we have made many wonderful connections with teachers & students, and we look forward to all that is to come! See the video below to watch some of our teachers say “thank you” in the languages they teach! How many can you identify?


Which languages do you recognize? Some of our teachers share how to say “thank you” in the languages that they teach.

New Team Member

Aida Angjo

Aida comes from Albania and is a native Albanian speaker. She holds a Master’s degree in German Language and Literature, as well as a Master’s in Leadership and Educational Assessment. Aida is looking forward to sharing her love for teaching the German language and her native language with CRLC students.


Aida’s academic journey began at the German Language High School, where she intensively learned German. In terms of work experience, she has been a Project Manager for approximately 10 years in a German foundation. Aida has also worked as a German Lecturer. She has over 20 years of experience teaching German to children and adults. Furthermore, she has served as an Examiner at the Goethe-Zentrum in Albania. She has pursued various training and qualifications, including language courses and professional development in Albania, Germany, and Austria.

Study German with Aida

Beginning German for Adults
Wednesdays 5:30-6:45pm
In-person – 21 Aviation Road, Albany NY 12205
starting December 6th

To register, fill out our registration form, and call or email with any questions.

Adult Registration Form

German for Kids
Ages 9-11

Mondays 5:30-6:30pm
In-person – 21 Aviation Road, Albany NY 12205
starting December 4th

To register, fill out our registration form, and call or email with any questions!

Child/Teen Registration Form

Teacher Feature

Jiwan Park

Meet Jiwan Park, a Korean language instructor at CRLC. Learn what she taught BEFORE her native tongue — and the word she and her students love!


Why did you become a language teacher?

I started as a Kindergarten teacher in Korea. After getting married, I started living abroad but wanted to continue teaching. I worked as a Korean language teacher, and while I’m a native speaker, teaching it requires more methods and knowledge. So, I went back to university and gained a deeper affection for the Hangeul and Korean culture. Teaching a foreign language is not just about words. It is about sharing emotions and culture, too.

Can you share an example of how language instruction has helped a local business or organization?

I taught in Singapore, where people from various countries gather. It is near Korea, and many wanted to learn Korean to get a job or study. However, we couldn’t talk to each other because we were from different countries and spoke different languages. At first, the classroom was very quiet. But as time went by, it became noisy. This made me happy — to see people from various countries communicating in Korean!

What is your favorite Korean word? What does it mean and why do you love it?

My favorite word is “안녕” (an-nyeong). It is similar to “hi” or “hello” and means comfortable, without any problems. I like it because it is not just a greeting but can convey a warm heart that thinks about the safety of the other person. Many students like 사랑(sa-rang). I like it too. It means “love.” Some think the characters are pretty, others like that it is similar to “사람” (sa-ram), which means “person.” To sign up for a class with Jiwan, meet more of our teachers or learn about the 12 languages we teach online and in-person, visit: www.crlcalbany.org.

Study Korean with Jiwan

Group Korean for Adults
Level Advanced Beginner
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:45-7:00pm
In-person & Virtual Option – 21 Aviation Road, Albany NY 12205 or over Zoom
Rolling enrollment – call us to talk about your language background and to schedule a placement test. 518-729-5407

Korean for Kids
Ages 7-9

Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm
In-person – 21 Aviation Road, Albany NY 12205
Rolling enrollment – join our kids’ group and enjoy learning with other students!

To register, fill out our registration form, and call or email with any questions!

Child/Teen Registration Form

Other Study Options

Call the office at 518-729-5407 or send an email to info@crlcalbany.org for further information. These options are available in multiple languages.

Trial Classes

  • 1 hour lesson
  • For students who would like to spend an hour working with a teacher before deciding about moving forward with a full session (20 hours) of lessons
  • 1:1
  • no commitment to continue

Placement Tests

  • 1 hour
  • Allows teachers to discover a student’s language level
  • Beneficial for students who want to study in a group and have previous experience with the language
  • From here we offer group options or recommendations to further their studies

Private Lessons

  • CRLC Course Sessions are 20 hours
  • Private lessons allow students to work 1:1 with a language teacher
  • Flexible scheduling determined based on the teacher’s and student’s availabilities
  • Options for 60 or 75 minutes 1x or 2x a week depending on the student’s goals
  • Other scheduling arrangements (more hours per week) can be made depending on student goals

December 11, 5-7pm

Join us for an open house to learn more about the school and upcoming language programs. We’ll have homemade Spanish hot chocolate and holiday cookies.

Location: 21 Aviation Rd. Albany, NY 12205


Gift Certificates

Language lessons make a great holiday gift. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Inquire about gift certificates via phone or email. 518-729-5407 | info@crlcalbany.org

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