Winter Weather Cancellation Policy

Winter Weather Cancellation Policy


1.  We don’t cancel until we have either a blizzard or icy roads.  Snowy roads alone will not cause  us to cancel, however you should decide whether or not you attend class based on your own comfort level of traveling in the snow.


2.  Because we have schools in two different counties (Albany and Saratoga) we do not follow any one school district’s school closing schedule.   Sometimes we close for just half a day.  A decision will be made by 8 AM regarding morning classes up until 2 PM and a decision will be made by 2 PM for classes from 3 PM through the evening.


3.  Anytime that we have a partial day closing or full day cancellation, it will be listed via the School Closings Network.  That information will be available through the following media outlets:

The Daily GazetteThe Post-StarThe SaratogianThe Times UnionWFLY — FLY 92WGNA — Country 107.7WGY — 810 WGYWNYT TV WRGB TVWRVE — The RiverWTEN TVWYJB — B-95.5WXXA TVYNN


4.  If Empire State English is closed it will be listed under Capital Region Language Center.


5.  The School Closings Network will specify closings per location, so for Colonie, Saratoga, or for both locations, since the weather can be very different in our different locations.


Please check one of the media outlets listed above around 2 PM for afternoon and evening classes, and again the next morning around 8 AM.