Laura, Adult Student

I just wanted to tell you a quick story about my Spanish coming in handy:

I had a patient at work this week who was here from Ecuador and who was in a domestic violence situation. Her partner had stolen her immigration papers and she had been arrested earlier in the year for not having papers. Obviously she was in a tough situation. She came to us and needed to sign up for emergency Medicaid to take care of some medical issues and I was able to walk her through the entire process and get her application completed and help her obtain the right documentation to ensure that it would be approved. she was able to get the medical care she needed right away. She was so relieved and I was so thankful that I could communicate with her well enough that she understood what she needed to do to sign up for the program and get an appointment for care.

Thank you so much for your great Spanish classes and instructors!

Well I just felt like I should follow up on that story I shared with you earlier about the Spanish-speaking patient I had here a few weeks ago. She was in again today and she disclosed more about her very difficult domestic violence situation. She was so afraid but she felt like she was safe enough with us here that she could make that step to get help. I was able to help her call a local hotline and get the police involved. We had an AT&T translator helping via telephone as well, but I think having a real live person who spoke her language really helped. She has been coming here and speaking to me each time so I think she felt like she had an ally. Although her story is not over and I am still worried about her, I was so thankful that I had enough Spanish proficiency to make her feel safe and comfortable enough that she let us help her. So thank you AGAIN for everything!!