Children’s & Teen Programs

Parents who enroll their children in CRLC’s language classes are interested in broadening their children’s cultural horizons and giving them a head start in an increasingly global world. Children are sponges when it comes to language learning.  They repeat, unembarrassed about the new sounds they are making and, as a result, develop native-like fluency.  They sing in their new language learning the pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.  And, they categorize, conjugate, create projects and give and respond to commands all through play.  Eventually they learn to read and write.  They are on the path to fluency and to a world of new discoveries.  

If your child is struggling in her/her middle or high school language, please don’t wait until May to call us. At just one hour per week we can help your child grasp the language concepts that often befuddle.  We can work with your child’s teacher to see that he/she gets ahead and becomes willing to participate in classroom discussions.  Summer is a great time to review concepts as well.

Teens who excel at language learning are often not satisfied with the verbal and listening practice that a typical classroom setting allows.  Whether your child is preparing for a high school trip to Spain or France, wishes to test out of Arabic 101 in college, or is seeking fluency by graduation, we can help.  Our standard children’s program begins at $100 per month.



CRLC’s Language Enrichment and Arts Program (LEAP!) brings language-learning to local public schools.  Parents and school officials understand the importance of exposing children to languages at a young age.  Unfortunately our education system doesn’t prioritize world languages and we start teaching them at a time when kids are most self-conscious:  middle school.  One hour per week of a before or after school program starting as early as kindergarten will give your child a great base in language and culture.  CRLC manages the registrations from parents and the schools help get the word out and provide the teaching space.  We’re looking forward to partnering with you!

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LEAP! Reviews

  • [Your teacher] was fabulous! My daughter loved the class and I really loved it. I would highly recommend the language program to anyone!


  • Excellent program! [My daughter] is hoping for another session soon!

  • [My daughter] enjoys learning French. She always sings the songs that she learned from the class for the family.

  • Excellent program. Hope the program is offered again! We were very impressed with all the children at the end of session presentation. Well done!

  • My child would sing and count at home.

  • Great class! We are thankful this is offered at our school!

  • I like the idea of exposing kids to a foreign language at a young age, this program was both well-conceived and well done!!

  • My son had a lot of fun and enjoyed himself. Thanks!

  • My daughter very much looked forward to going to class. She really enjoyed the instructor.



I really believe that learning a foreign language is vital to a well-rounded education for my children. I also believe that education needs to begin early. My 8 year old boy and my 6 year old girl have loved learning Spanish with (your instructor) at CRLC. She has made it fun and accessible. They look …

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Mary and Gordon

Our daughter learned a lot in the Spanish classes she took with Capital Region Language Center. But the real benefit seems to be accruing over time: That early exposure to a foreign language seems to have paid off in the form of enthusiasm for languages and proficiency in related subjects.

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I just wanted to let you know that my son loves your class. He so looks forward to Tuesday because of French class. Your class has been a wonderful experience for my son and has really created a desire to continue learning French. You have definitely made a very positive impression on him! Also he …

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